3 Local Malaysian Game Gift Ideas for Children and Families

3 Local Malaysian Game Gift Ideas for Children and Families

As many is aware of, we are currently in a Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) implementation and everybody is ordered to stay at home for 4 weeks, cutting social contact for this period. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun at home! What about taking a step back and diving in local cultural activities to do at home with your family? It also helps create memorable moments of activities and bonding between parent and children as well as within the families.

Some of the local activities that My Handicraft recommends are below! Check them out!

Batu Seremban made with Batik

Batu Seremban or Serembat is a traditional game played in Malaysia. It is usually played by girls individually or in groups of two to five people.

The game is often played at leisure, on the porch of the house, in the house, in the park or anywhere else that there is a clean, flat surface. The players sit on the floor, and play in turns.

Get Batu Seremban HERE!


Congkak is a popular game of logic played throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas, with many adaptations.

 Known elsewhere as mancala, the version commonly played in the Malay Archipelago requires two players to share a wooden board with one row of seven holes along each side, and one bigger hole at either end. The two rows of seven holes are designated as “houses” in the “village” (kampong) while the last two larger holes serve as “storehouses”, although there are variations. Seeds are placed in each hole, and then redistributed according to the rules of the game. The objective is to gain as many seeds in one’s storehouse as possible.

Get Congkak HERE!

Photo Memory Game

Improve children or families memory with our one-of-a-kind Malaysian themed photo memory game!

How do you keep a child engaged and excited in traditional children’s games? Make them part of it is the answer. With our Malaysian themed photos, children are able to learn more about the Malaysian food, landmarks, colors and culture through visual adaptation!

The nature of this game will bring many hours of fun play for 1 or more players. Turn all the card pieces with your photos side face down. Each person chooses 2 cards and if the photos match, that person keeps the pair. The winner is the player with the most number of matching photo pairs. Great way to improve kids or baby’s memory using an exciting and engaging matching game.


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