Benefits of Our Gamat (Sea Cucumber) Sheabutter Infused Soaps!

Benefits of Our Gamat (Sea Cucumber) Sheabutter Infused Soaps!

You know about our best-seller Gamat (Sea Cucumber) Soaps, but do you know about our Gamat Sheabutter soaps?¬†ūüė欆
Can you believe the moisturizing effects of this handmade, organic soap with the combinations of healing effect in sea cucumber and sheabutter that has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
Together with sea cucumber, this handmade soap will clean, condition, tone and soothe your skin.
Our Sea Cucumber soap are a hundred percent handmade from the famous Langkawi island. There are no colorant and all scents are naturally scented with 100% authentic essential oil. 
All our Gamat soaps are also wrapped in beautiful authentic handmade Batik that is handsewn into a little soap pouch, perfect setting to gift to someone for Valentines! 

This handmade soaps come with 10 different scents for additional benefits. Scent is from authentic essential oils.

  1. Oriental Rose : Moisturizing dry skin
  2. Healing Eucalyptus :  Reuvenate skin
  3. Tropical Sweet : Relaxing effect
  4. Arabian Night: Romantic and attractive effect 
  5. Island Fruit : Purifying and colling the skin
  6. Royal Beauty: Orchid increases cell regeneration
  7. Lemon Grass : Balance your mind and body
  8. Sakura: Bring happiness


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