It's time to go organic - Gamat (Sea Cucumber Soap)

It's time to go organic - Gamat (Sea Cucumber Soap)

People these days are more inclined to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. From holistic exercises and fitness regimens to eating more robust by choosing organic food and regulating personal diets, many individuals are more proactive in taking steps to better and healthier ways of living. A step in this direction includes choosing the right skincare products for the body.

Modern studies show that toxins are significantly absorbed through human skin. And since the skin is considered the largest organ of the human body, lifestyle choices such as drinking purified water or eating healthy food are only some of the few ways to keep harmful toxins out of your system. But, if you're looking to minimize the toxic substances that you and your family are exposed to daily, you might want to consider shifting to using organic soaps.

Organic soap refers to soap products that are made of organic or natural ingredients. Unlike regular soaps which are mostly composed of synthetic chemicals, our organic Gamat soaps are made up of ingredients that are derived from Sea cucumber extract, sheabutter as well as essential oils. 

Some of the harsh chemicals found in regular soaps are Parabens, Sulfates, and Triclosan. The effects of these substances are no joke. They can trigger allergies, disrupt hormones, and even increase the risk of some cancers. Fortunately, organic soaps do not have any of these chemicals. They are made up of natural ingredients that are beneficial to their users.

In the process of producing Organic Soaps, Antioxidant properties are preserved in its ingredients. Antioxidants help the skin repair itself by reducing inflammation and keeping your skin looking younger and fresh. The presence of more antioxidants on natural soaps rejuvenates the skin and helps in slowing down the aging process. Also, the pH level of organic products is between 9 and 10. It means that it is gentler on your skin and it makes the skin less prone to irritation.

Glycerin, also known as Glycerol, is a natural alcohol and water attractor that is found in soaps. Aside from its cleansing properties, it is considered the best moisturizing agent for the human skin and has been used for centuries. According to Science Daily, Glycerin has been discovered to help clear skin disease. It can improve the texture of your skin and helps strengthen its natural barriers against environmental irritants. It is also best for sensitive skin because of its gentle and soothing qualities.

Using natural and organic skincare products like organic soaps is a long-term investment for you and your family's health. Your skin, being the largest organ of the body, deserves your best care.


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