Orchid, Rose & Citrus - Gamat Sheabutter essential oil scents!

Orchid, Rose & Citrus - Gamat Sheabutter essential oil scents!

Learn our Gamat (Sea Cucumber) Sheabutter essential oil scents, part 3! 

Sheabutter itself is a fat extracted from the nut of Shea tree. This fat is obtained from African tree and is an edible in Africa. This oil is also used as lotion or natural soap in cosmetics because of its moisturizing properties.

 All these reasons and more make Shea Butter a perfect ingredient in handmade natural soap:

  1. Shea Butter moisturizes pores without clogging them.
  2. It’s natural, so no side effects or harsh reactions on babies and on those with sensitive skin.
  3. Provides natural protection from UV radiation.
  4. Resists eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
  5. Gradually fade the scars away.
  6. Soothes burns.
  7. Resists wrinkles.
  8. Includes Vitamin A which helps rebuild the cells.
  9. Includes Vitamin E which is an antioxidant.
  10. No oily residue over the skin after absorption.

The Sea Cucumber soaps are 100% handmade from the famous Langkawi island, where all ocean life lives. There are no colorant and all scents are naturally scented with 100% authentic essential oil. 

Read on to get to know our last 3 Gamat Sheabutter soaps here now! 

🌷 A soft, delicate floral scent with sweet undertones that inspires a comforting ambience that calms and rejuvenates the mind.

Orchids are treasured for their exquisite colourful blooms, and are also associated with beauty and numerous progeny. Often used in personal care products for its protective properties, the antioxidant-rich orchids reduces fine lines and wrinkles while conditioning and restoring the skin’s natural glow.

🌹 Rose essential oil is a prized oil that contains many therapeutic properties. This strong, floral fragrance is romantic and luxurious.

Rose oil supports the appearance of youthful, healthy-looking skin, which is why it’s so bloomin’ popular in skin care products! Another effect of Rose oil is that it has a balancing aroma that can be used to help create a luxurious atmosphere. It’s also a floral delight when you use it to shower!

🍋 The citrus oils most popular in aromatherapy today are orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, and bergamot essential oil.

They are happy, uplifting oils that have been called liquid sunshine in a bottle. These oils come from the rind of citrus fruits. Citrus oils are a wonderful way to enhance mood and emotional balance. They work on the brain's chemicals and hormones resulting in an improved mood. Let these aromatic oils brighten your mood!

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