Part 3: 9 Reason to Love Handmade Soaps (last 3 reasons)!

Part 3: 9 Reason to Love Handmade Soaps (last 3 reasons)!

There is a lot to love about natural handmade soaps—eco-friendly, economical, wonderful for your skin, unprocessed, free from harmful additives, and crafted with care.  

Alas, the options presented to consumers tends to steer the focus away from the luscious, amazing and carefully crafted properties of soaps that are made by hand. It started in the ‘80s. Liquid soaps and body washes swamped supermarket shelves, catching consumer attention with their attractive plastic packaging and novelty. 

Bar soaps were pushed aside as consumers were told that liquid soaps in clean, sleek packaging looked nicer in their bathrooms and kitchens, and were superior to their solid counterparts. The only bar soaps visible on the shelves were mass-produced items with scant consideration for quality of ingredients or skin care. 

But thankfully, people do care about their skin and the environment! Over the last few years handmade soap bars have been making a comeback.  

 Here are the last 3 great reasons to embrace the benefits of handmade soap:

7. More Eco-Friendly

There are many reasons to be concerned about life on our planet, and plastic is right up there. It’s a HUGE issue. Today’s consumers are becoming more aware of the amount of plastic that they bring into their homes. Liquid soaps and shampoos are packaged in plastic containers that are creating unnecessary waste. Our soaps are wrapped in Batik clothes to curb this issue and to indulge in the richness of our Batik heritage.

8. 'Cold Processed' with the oils your skin needs!

Handmade soap is produced in small batches using the traditional cold process method. This method uses little equipment, allowing the soap maker to choose the best oils and other ingredients. We use a blend of skin-loving oils in careful ratios to produce a gentle and cleansing bar. The cold process method allows the soap to retain the natural glycerin which provides natural emollience for your skin.

9. Unprocessed

As mentioned, handmade soaps are made using the cold process method. Commercial soaps undergo a lot of processing. Once the soap is formed and the glycerin is removed, the soap undergoes a variety of processes to dry, grate and then press the bars together.

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