The Beauty of Orchid Paperweight - Malaysian Souvenir

The Beauty of Orchid Paperweight - Malaysian Souvenir

Glass paperweights have been described as one of the world’s best-kept secrets. The secret is not because of a conspiracy, but because of a simple lack of exposure. This is a real shame, because once people see them, understand how they are made, and their history, they are genuinely fascinated with them.
During prehistoric times, sap produced by trees engulfed insects and plants, freezing their every motion and trapping them in time. The sap solidified after millions of years and a warm golden stone, Amber was born. This process is now skillfully recreated by our craftsmen to preserve flora and fauna of today in their most natural forms. The splendor of lives trapped in time and frozen in motion, can only be experienced with our fine Orchid paperweight collections.
Completely handmade from selected flowers of orchids, petals, leaves and roses it is clear cast lacquerware using clear lacquer resins to preserve the one of each natural artefacts. Each item is carefully done using a series of process to preserve the natural beauty, color, shape and form and present them in natural and modern aesthetic end products like earrings, paperweight and many personal ware for unique range of customized gifts.
The orchids were carefully select clean blooms that are then passed through as series of preservation techniques. After dehydration these are then coated with lacquer resins. When needed for 3rd encapsulation these are then cast in clear resin molds according to intended design shapes.

Oncidiums, Dendrobiums, Arandas, cattleyas, Doritis, Mokaras, Ascocendas, and Arantheras are some of the popular varieties encapuslated for their natural beauty and preservation.
The perfect sentimental and affordable gift idea to relay the message of foreverness in a romantic gesture.


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