The Sarawak Handicraft - Penan Bag

The Sarawak Handicraft - Penan Bag

The Penan are a semi-nomadic tribe who call the forested region of the upper Baram in northern Sarawak their home. They are gentle people, whose simple ways of life still manage to embody elusive values such as a deep and spiritual respect for nature and possess a vast knowledge of the rainforest, especially its healing and medicinal powers, and are skilled weavers and craftsmen, producing fine bags and baskets, even spears and blowpipes.

The Penan bag is the embodiment of efforts to empower the young Penan via education up to tertiary levels, and economically empowering Penan women via the production and sale of Penan bags and baskets.

These bags are crafted from extremely durable PVC fibre hence the bags are durable despite regular and heavy usage, perfect as a shopping bag or beach bag. Since they are plastic, they can be easily washed, and do not rot. The colours also stay vibrant for a very long time!

The unique thing about these handcrafted Penan bags is that they are all slightly different, some a bit wider or narrower, the pattern slightly smaller or higher, etc. This emphasizes the uniqueness of each item sold – your bag is probably one of a kind!

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