Why is Pewter Better than Stainless Steel?

Why is Pewter Better than Stainless Steel?

Why is pewter better than stainless steel?

Yes, we know. You can find any number of stainless steel tankards online, and they cost is a lot less than a new pewter mug. So why use pewter?

Well, you could use stainless steel. It’s tougher than pewter and, so long as the surface isn’t scratched, won’t corrode in beer. We don’t think it looks as good but that’s subjective.

However, the performance of a stainless steel tankard depends on what’s known as the ‘passive surface’ remaining intact, and having access to oxygen (in the air).

If stainless steel is scratched, perhaps during cleaning, then it will rust.

If any residue remains stuck to a stainless steel tankard this will prevent oxygen getting to the passive layer and will cause pitting underneath.

Crevices in the stainless steel, such as at a join, may corrode due to lack of oxygen.

Pewter is different. Your pewter’s resistance to corrosion is not dependent on a thin surface layer in the same way as stainless steel, and scratches and dents accrued over years of enjoyment won’t cause your pewter to rust.

Plus, as stated above pewter is safe, practical, attractive, and it’s the traditional choice. Why not find out how much fun your own pewter tankard can be?

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