Batik Face Mask - The New Normal with Style

Batik Face Mask - The New Normal with Style

It is good to slowly incorporate the usage of batik articles into our daily life to appreciate the art of batik and preserve the ailing industry.

Batik face mask was introduced due to the current ongoing pandemic of the  Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 

As the virus is mainly transmitted through droplets and you can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who may be infected. 

It is recommended to wear face mask at all time in public and our Batik face mask is made from traditional Batik fabric with its own distinctive Malaysian attractive designs are equipped with 3 layers of protection material and is reusable and environmental friendly because it can be washed with soap. The protection material is of non-woven fabric is water repellent and blocks out droplets and its 100% cotton fabric have additional protection layer.

Rock a Batik face mask during this pandemic to brighten your daily life and heighten your mood power. You can buy it HERE now! 


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