Best 3 Features of the Penan Bag!

Best 3 Features of the Penan Bag!

The Penan are a semi-nomadic tribe who call the forested region of the upper Baram in northern Sarawak their home. They possess a vast knowledge of the rainforest, especially its healing and medicinal powers.
Read on to find out the 3 best features of our Penan bags! 
1. It is made of plastic! 

The difficulty in obtaining sufficient natural materials in the vicinity of their villages and homes is the main reason. Due to the difficulty and the time taken in sourcing natural materials, the cost of craft made from rattan and other suitable materials are noticeably higher, and much more difficult to market.

Do be aware though, that these bags are crafted from extremely durable PVC fiber, and many loyal customers have related their stories of how well the bags last, and how durable they have been despite regular and heavy usage! Since they are plastic, they can be easily washed, and do not rot. The colors also stay vibrant for a very long time!

2. One-of-a-kind design only! 

The unique thing about these handcrafted Penan bags is that they are all slightly different, sometimes a bit wider or narrower, sometimes the pattern slightly smaller or higher, etc. We feel this emphasizes the uniqueness of each item sold – your bag is probably one of a kind! 

3. Owning a Penan bag helps sustain the lives of Penan people!

A big portion of the price you pay for your Penan bag goes directly into the hands of the weaver who made your bag as we are all supporting this handicraft to ensure the tradition and culture lives on for many more years to come. 

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