Mochila Wayuu Bags – Colorful, Exotic and Rich in Culture

Mochila Wayuu Bags – Colorful, Exotic and Rich in Culture

Wayuu Mochila Bags are crocheted bags, handmade by a native tribe that lives in the northern peninsula of South America, the Wayuu. Most of the weavers are women, but men also make these beautiful fashion items. Indeed, the population of male Wayuu weavers increased in the last ten years.
For the most part, Wayuu artisans use a wide variety of crocheting techniques to recreate the very intricate patterns in their mochila bags. Additionally, they use other weaving techniques. Though the Wayuu bag is trendy, they make a wide variety of products.
As Batik is the Malaysian hand down art of heritage, Wayuu culture is also to understand that these Wayuu Mochila bags mean to their way of life. The Wayuu live in the desert and do not count with many resources to survive. They survive this harsh environment but now, sooner or later their culture is in danger to go extinct. The making of Wayuu Bags is not just another task for women; it is a way of life and another way to preserve their culture. For many, making Wayuu Mochila bags becomes the source of their primary income. Furthermore, the Wayuu’s dedication to preserving their cultural heritage contributes to driving revenue, support, and well-being throughout the region.
The colorful Wayuu crafts bring happiness to all parts of the globe. It is a privilege to help pass on their tradition to countries of all origins and backgrounds. This team actively wants to bring anyone who wants to be part of the Wayuu world. Carry their story with you, wear their beautiful Wayuu Mochila bags.

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