Part 1: 9 Reason to Love Handmade Soaps (First 3 reasons)!

Part 1: 9 Reason to Love Handmade Soaps (First 3 reasons)!

There is a lot to love about natural handmade soaps—eco-friendly, economical, wonderful for your skin, unprocessed, free from harmful additives, and crafted with care.  

Alas, the options presented to consumers tends to steer the focus away from the luscious, amazing and carefully crafted properties of soaps that are made by hand. It started in the ‘80s. Liquid soaps and body washes swamped supermarket shelves, catching consumer attention with their attractive plastic packaging and novelty. 

Bar soaps were pushed aside as consumers were told that liquid soaps in clean, sleek packaging looked nicer in their bathrooms and kitchens, and were superior to their solid counterparts. The only bar soaps visible on the shelves were mass-produced items with scant consideration for quality of ingredients or skin care. 

But thankfully, people do care about their skin and the environment! Over the last few years handmade soap bars have been making a comeback.  

 Here are the first 3 great reasons to embrace the benefits of handmade soap:

1. It is kind to your skin!

Handmade soap bars contain an ingredient that helps to retain moisture in the skin: glycerine. Commercial soaps leave many people’s skin dry and itchy—this is due not only to what is in the soap, but also what isn’t in it. Commercial soaps have the glycerin removed; glycerine is a valuable ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry. Commercial soaps have a lot of unnecessary additives that are added as fillers to replicate the lather that good soap provides naturally. Many commercial soap bars have added detergent ingredients to increase their lather.

2. They Feel Amazing

Soaps made by hand have a luxuriously creamy and fragrant lather. My Handicraft adds botanicals to the soaps that help to increase the creaminess and silky feel of the lather. Our handmade soaps are fragranced with bespoke blends of essential oils that impart a soft and gentle fragrance to your skin.

3. They won't strip Natural Oils

Research has shown that frequent and correct hand-washing is the most efficient way to reduce the spread of germs and illness. Using a natural handmade soap bar will be gentle on your skin and won’t strip your skin of natural oils.

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