Part 2: 9 Reason to Love Handmade Soaps (Next 3 reasons)!

Part 2: 9 Reason to Love Handmade Soaps (Next 3 reasons)!

There is a lot to love about natural handmade soaps—eco-friendly, economical, wonderful for your skin, unprocessed, free from harmful additives, and crafted with care.  

Alas, the options presented to consumers tends to steer the focus away from the luscious, amazing and carefully crafted properties of soaps that are made by hand. It started in the ‘80s. Liquid soaps and body washes swamped supermarket shelves, catching consumer attention with their attractive plastic packaging and novelty. 

Bar soaps were pushed aside as consumers were told that liquid soaps in clean, sleek packaging looked nicer in their bathrooms and kitchens, and were superior to their solid counterparts. The only bar soaps visible on the shelves were mass-produced items with scant consideration for quality of ingredients or skin care. 

But thankfully, people do care about their skin and the environment! Over the last few years handmade soap bars have been making a comeback.  

 Here are the following 3 great reasons to embrace the benefits of handmade soap:

4. Handmade soaps are free from palm oil!

Our handmade soaps do not use palm oil. The rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia are being decimated by the farming of palm oil, thus endangering the natural habitats of orang-utans. It is not necessary to use palm oil, however it is one of the cheapest oils to use for soap. (Palmolive soap was traditionally made with primarily palm oil and olive oil extract, hence the name.)

5. Cost-Effective

Handmade soap is economical: when you keep your handmade soap on a well drained soap dish it will dry out completely between uses and will last a long time. Handmade soap bars are solid bars—liquid soaps and body washes are primarily water. Why pay extra for watered down soap?

6. They ideal for Skin Microbiome

As the liquid soap companies were influencing consumers to change the way they purchased soaps, they promoted their soaps and body washes as more hygienic, suggesting that germs can be left behind on the soap bars. It is true that there may be germs on the outside of the soap bar, but they wash away under the water. In addition, most of these bacteria are not inherently dangerous, rather they assist us to maintain a healthy response to the many germs and bacteria in our environment. Most of the dirt and germs on your skin is trapped by the skin’s oils. Water is not efficient at washing the dirt from your skin on it’s own, it needs a substance like soap to break the surface tension of the water, bind with the dirt and allow the water to wash it clean.

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