Rosemary, Jasmine & Sunny Fruits Gamat Body Lotion scents!

Rosemary, Jasmine & Sunny Fruits Gamat Body Lotion scents!

Learn our Gamat (Sea Cucumber) body lotion essential oil scents, part 1! 


This handmade lotion is made from natural sea cucumber (Gamat in Malay local language) extract from Langakawi island, Malaysia with sheabutter.

Many study and research found that there is healing effect in sea cucumber. Thus, the sea cucumber lotion can improve your skin pigmentation, wounds, pimples, black spots, sun burn, eczema, atopy and skin itchiness. 

This lotion is added with essential oil for additional benefits. Read on to get to know our first 3 Gamat body lotion here now! 

🌿 Rosemary has a woodsy pungent aroma. Some think it has tones of pine and lemon. A hint of camphor might be detected.

Rosemary essential oil, derived from the common cooking herb, has long been popular in folk medicine and is now proving beneficial in scientific studies. Though most of this research is preliminary, studies note that this essential oil may boost your health by improving mental focus and memory, relieving pain and inflammation, repelling certain insects and easing stress.

🍂 Jasmine lends a floral scent that is rich and sweet.

Jasmine oil and components of synthetic blends of jasmine essential oil have properties that offer a number of health benefits. Though it’s a popular home remedy used to treat everything from depression to infections, it’s best known as an aphrodisiac. You can use this oil to improve your mood and your skin, or simply just enjoy the sweet floral fragrance it adds to your surroundings.


🍋 Sweet-scented oils include citronella, grapefruit, lemongrass, lemon, lime, orange and tangerine.

Fruity fragrances are ideal for anyone who does not want an overpowering fragrance and who wants to use their own personality to make an impression. Bright, citrusy scents are associated with the summer months and sunshine for a good reason. Known for its refreshing properties, research shows that citrus may revitalize your mindset too. A Japanese study found that the smell of citrus helped to eliminate emotional stress and boost participants’ moods for up to 30 minutes.

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